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♪ >> bbcorld news iresented by kcet los anges. [funding for this esentation was de possible by the freeman foundation of new yo, stowe, vermon and honolulu, the newman's own foundation, a the john d. d catherine t. macarthur foundation.] >> and union bank.
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♪ >> union bk has put its financial strength to work for a wide rge of companies, from small busines to major corporations. what ca we do for you? >>ow bbc "world news." >> the scale o haiti's horror confirmed. at lst 7000 quake victims have bn counted in mass graves. china on the verge of becong the world's second biggest econy. >> is this an front to women's dignity. france moveso banuslim wearg veils in public. very warm welcome. and to the viewers -- viewers around the globe.
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>> peace at any price. the afan president tls the bbc he's prared to pay taban fighters to swap sides ithe war. >> and kicking out the ki. italy pls arackdown on the children who just w't leav home. ♪ >> hello to you. as haiti's offial deatholl reaches 75,000. that's theumber just so far countried in mass graves. and has been buffeted bytwo more aftershocks. it is esmated almost half a million peop areomeless, camps are to be built r them outse the capital and th main port h finally partiall reopen to speed e supply of aid. bu still, nine dys after the stroest earthquake in two centurys, help is not rching those that need it. bbc' correspondent is in
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port-au-ince. >> vital equipmentoming hore to help open haiti's only port. a difficult meuver o a makeshift ramp. anu.s. cmmanders say as of today, the portis back in business and some aid n start arriving. butt won't be business as usual. the port has ben shattered. ctions haveiterally been torn apart. and shipping contners pitched into the water. and cnes tha could be off loading lifesang supplies, listing and idle. this pier can only be us for lit traffic now. heavy equipmente can't be brought througbecause it is unstable. if you come down here, y get a sense of the damage that w do by the earthquake. and this masve concrete pillar was actually rpped out of the ground. and over here, you could see how
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sections of the tarmawere ied apart. wide gaps he opened up and huge chunks have jus fallen into the sea. securing t pier is vital. so divers have been at work, checking the damage, concealed neath the water. >> losing thi pw we'll lose the mority of us being able to ing the human man tn needs in. if it gs under we almost shut wn. >> is this the lifeline to the aid effort? >>es, ma'am. >>ome aid is getti throug butt is limited and frustration is building. and at tis aid distribution today, it was a case of snatch and gb or go hungry. u.n. troops and patient police just watching fm the delines. and at the airport, crowds cry out for even a single bott of water, aaid trucks passed by. and they wait here for work d
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for food. and get neither. and has anybo here reived any aid of any kind? >> no. >> n >> nobody have. >> no o is helping you? >> . >> ife all aid, we expect it. don't come yet. we don know why. bu our childr at this time are are dyi and are suffering. >> and tt suffering has now lasted for more than a ek. and still, haiti wai. for the help to match the promises. >> and bbc news port-au-prince. >>hina long touted as irkse's economic powerouse has confounded all expectations. new figures releas by the gornment suggest itshrugged off th recession. it grew by 8. last year. that puts it on course to overtake japan as the world's secondiggest econom the bbc's damioneports.
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>> these are cardboard models. the real thingswon't be built for tw years. but ineijing, the people times ar pack after propertyprices rose 50% last year. people are siing up toecure one. >> this man is 34 years old and in adveising. he half a million topend in cash. for that he could afford the three bedroom show he. he'll have to pay more for the chandelier andittings. he's confent he's bagng a bargain. >> i dot believe china's propertyarket will crash if youook at the last 1 years, people at bought flats have made lots of money. prices just keep going up >> and extraordinary fact confmed today is that is china's economy that i powering ead, while the wt is struling to emerge from the downturn. the reaso china's masse $580
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stimul program has worked better than y other in the world and is cutting infrasucture. like the world's fastest train. 8 milln miles of ack will be laid in threyears. this is a brand new spping mall jt openehere in beijing. anchina is getting richer, s people are spend cod not --ing and consuming like never before. th're anxious noto be sn a rich nation beuse millionsre not shari this prosrity. >> and the gap with the have nots in today's china is now huge. and after all of the grothe, average earnings here remain a fraction of the wes as chi's buau of statists was keen to poi out today. >> there are still over 150 million poorpeople in china that earn less than a dollar a
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day. it is still a developing country. >> rht here now, the prices ke e property market maybe overheat. and chinmust cool the economy down. it is a predicament man in t st mit envy. bbc news, beijing. >> let's round up the othermain news r you. presidenobama suggested sweeping res to curb the size big banks and their risk taking. he sd banks safeguard by taxpay's moneyhouldn't take unneceary risks and they should close loopholes. d the british prime minister is to givevidence at the quck's inquiry into the iraq war before this year's general election it was eected gordon brow wouldn't b calle until afterward. the prsure on him has been moipting. nigea's vice president has ordered the army toake over security around the central city of joso prevent further ashes. days of sectaria violence have
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left more tn 40e67 dead. the 24-hour curfew has now bee laxed. and women in france could soon be banned from wearing a muslimeil that covers their ce in public pces. and we understand that a paiamentary commission which habeen taking evidence for six months has decided that wearing the burkar veilhould be rericted. here's the editor. >> cstal is 36 she's married to an al jeerian andears a veil. increasinglyhere are sign it is could bebanned in publi places in frce. and a commission is set t say next week, there's no place for fully veiledomen in the french republic. and that will just opinion. but many believ legislation will folw. >> in our country, the faces a way to recognize and to reect each oth. whenou cover your fe, you
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cannot hav a real disssion with the oher person. >> cryst has five children. many mslims saythere's nothing in islam that requiresomen to we full face veils. but shdoesn't accept at. >> whether it is aut religion or not, i don'want any man to bettracted to me apart from my husband. >> some are tlking about enforcing a ban withfines. translator translator: we he no intention of payi fines, that's f sure. i think it is terrible to arre somebody for the way they dss. they're not going to arrest us in front of our chiren, are ey? >> france is the midst of a debate abt national identity. here the immigration minister eric, visited the oubled suburb. so say the who debate feels directed at them. we feel like poison said one ma so these are sensitive times. bum.p.'s are openly discussing
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how fute law could be enrced against the burka wearers. >> if a woman is wearing a burka, or nihab on the street thmiss will come and take her home. if there's a second attempt, sh will certainly be taken back again and third will get a fine. >> sohy is this bate happening now. someay politians see it is a te winner a and that play be tr. but as muslims become more visible, there's a concern tha some are pushi separate identities and that uld lead to parallel, rather than integrated communities. here at the french parliament, an intee debate lies ahead. was predent sarkozy that started ity saying that the ench less and less feel they share a common culture. the questi is whher singlin out thes will help and whether a ban can be enfced. gavin hewitt, bbc news, paris.
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>> t after gap president car sigh has told the bbc he wants ace with the taliban at any price. he's askg america and britain to support a plan to pa insuents to stop fighting. >> this is a country which has not known what it is like to be at peace f 30 years. only three days ago, the taban staged aaringeries of raids right in the cenr of kabul. now president car sigh is offeringhem a nedeal. >> you'r looking ll. >> not bad. >> he's proposdereconciliation before but themericans in particular havnever been in fwafere. now heaid they changed the minds. >>e have been talking about this -- issue o this for aong
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time now, there actually backing it. we know as the afghan peop th we must he peac at any cost. >> any coa? >> any cost. any cost. that means that --hatar is not the only w forward. >> so he'll try win the tall bn overwith money. >> those that will return will berovided with the abilities to work. to find jobs, to have protection and resettle in their own mmunities. >> aot of the gore guerillas are just poor farmers that joined the liban because the pay well, better than the government pays policeman and soldiers and now president karzai says japan and otr countries will put up the ca to lure em back. he's g to come up wi something. when you speak to ordinary people here, they think he' too much under the thb of the
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british andhe warlds and so on. there's huge re-eltion -- his re-election is greatly estioned. is he weak president >> partly true. partly not true. as far as the mans of power are concerned,es. my presidency is week. as to the means of power. which mes money andquipment which means maower, which means capacity. t where legitimacy is concerned fothe past eight years afghanistan has had perhaps the most legitimate of gornments ever seen. >> the british and aricans have h their doubts abou that, which s anned him greatl now themericans and the british and the rest need him to succeed. becausthey want tget out of here as sooas possible. if predent karzai could win
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over big sectis of the 258 taliban, it won't just help them, it'll help them too. bbc news kbul. >> stay with us, if you can. still tocome, 're in the mo dangerous world inhe country for journasts. a specia reporon the recent killings in e philippines. first the la of group of 78 asylum psychers on a australian customs ship hve left anthey're to be restled in stwrailia and e philippines. ey werentercepted in indonesiwaters last year as they tried to reach australia. this report from the capal, jakarta. >> for the6 refugees,oday marked the end of a veryong journey. d they're the last of 78 others to heav the indonesian deteion center and dert for their new homes. d some, lucky enough to head
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tohe destination of their chce, australia, ile others still have to wait. therwere 16 immigrants from sri lanka. threare going to the philippines. >> negotiations beten the indonesian andustralian gornments over who should have e asylum seekers have been fraught with tension. make matters worse, the refugees refusedto get off their boa the viking. a dealtruck last year w stralia promising to look after theefugees. buno such luck for thisther group of sri lankaen asylum seekers. over 200ave been on the indonesian boat for overhree mohs now. they are refusg to ge off and -- uesshey're guarantee safe pasge to stralia. and indonesia says it wants a australia's help t resolve this refugee standoff too.
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and th krps of those on board is deterioratingay by day. anone man, has already died. and at least one more is repoedly ry ill. a speedy resolion for these refugees is critic. and time could be rning out. bbcews, jakar. >> latest headlis for you on bbc "wod news." the fires omaiti suggests 7500 quake victims have so far en buried in mass graves. and china is frmly onourse to overtake japan a the world's seco biggest econy. the latest figures show that it is expanding strongly. >> and doze of jurnalists have died i afghanistan and iraq but t mostdangerous countrin the world for reporters is the philippines. and the uth is the most daerous part. d at the endf last year 57
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people we murdered, half journalis. the bbc's corresponde has been investigating. >> the safest way it trav through th area is riding shgun with the army. insurgents and powerful clam fighting for wealth and influence ha made it a lawless place. people are ud to kiings but what happened here was truly shocking. in this butiful and secluded spot, 57 people were executed some buried in amass grave. and this wthe immediate aftermath. we can't show most othe pictes. and many wer women, one was pregna and half were journalist and ey were shot in the fac the head, the groin. some many tis. andhen buried in a mas fabe, g in advanc it was well planned. >> the bodies were buried here. >> andhis was one of the journalists following a local politician's wife t register him as an election candidate but
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he w delayed. forgotten laptop charger saved his life. man journalistsacrificed their life. i'm going to sacrifice itor the sa of freedom and mocracy and for the se of good. >> this is an do you he denies multiple charges of murder. he reportedow he ledhe massacre. two members of one family were also arrested. e government allowed tm to run a private army, se local police and military office are accused of being complicit. the weapons recovered ar thought to be justice a fracon of their armory. and 12 of the journalist who is were killed are buried together. and nan de la cruz lost her daught gina. five cldren also lost their mother. and mariner loter husband
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>> this is picture of my husband. by. and they have money. they have the power. and they havehe guts to -- to kill innocent people. and maybe the govement is protectinghem. >> inne of the poort parts of the country, the crinebel -- incredible accumated by the famili is even more obvious. this is one of t mansions owned this family. they have got moneyand a private army and up untilow, they have been allowed tdo at they like by the country's leadship in exchange for votes and political support. this time it aears the warlor have gone toofar for the govement to ignore. taming powerfu familys for good, though, is a much bger challenge. bbc nws, in e southern philipnes. >>ow this will be quite a standoff, when sri lankagoes to the polls next tuesday to elect
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a president mosteoplewill choose between their curren ader and his formerarmy chief and iend general ponsa. the correspondentained rare acss to e town of jafna. it was tunnel tiger bastian. >> and calm has rerned to jafna's waters after decades of rbulence. it is a tense peace bt after years ofestrictionshe fishermen tell us they could sail to more places and find maets at home too. so at least can't wait for this election. election -- >> it is impoant to vote says this man, after all, ts is for our president. earlier we were voting uer threat. an now wee free and pple can dece for themselv who is good for theountry. >>afna was the crucible ofri
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lankaen cil war. them posing pblic library was attacked by by mobs in 191e. its collection of books one of the greatt in asia was ru reduced to ash. ahighly symbolic moment and a trigger for the obreak of allout conflica couple of years later. >> in jafna, the legacy of war is plain.

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